House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Says Iran Deal 'Not Worth the Paper It's Written On'


House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said Monday that any kind of deal with the Iranian regime is "not worth the paper it’s written on", after calling the agreement to halt Iran’s nuclear program dangerous.

Cantor argued that the current deal, which was proposed on Saturday, puts too much faith in the Iranians.

“Since when do we trust Iran?” Cantor asked. “I believe that the attitude should be mistrust and verify.”

Instead of the current deal, Cantor suggested that the U.S. use its economic and diplomatic influence to build pressure and protect the interests of the states and its allies.

If the current plan is enacted, Cantor argued, it could bring Iran one step closer to becoming a nuclear power.

"All we have to do is listen to our allies who are most proximate to the threat in the region,” Cantor argued, “who have been saying all along that any kind of deal with this regime in Iran is not worth the paper it’s written on.”

Cantor added that it’s dangerous for Iran to have the ability to claim a right to enrich, considering it is contrary to UN Security Council activities.

Sources: TPM, Politico


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