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House Rep. Scott Peter Proposes Bill To Increase Congress Productivity

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If House Rep. Scott Peters gets his way, members of the House will soon have to start working five days a week.

Peters, a California representative, introduced a resolution on Thursday that calls for House members to work five days a week rather than their current workweek, which runs Monday night through Thursday afternoon.

“Average Americans work five days a week so there is no reason Congress should not be required to as well,” a statement released by Peters’ office read. “A five-day work week would increase the time members of Congress are able to spend together working on substantive legislation and would help foster bipartisan working relationships. It would also save taxpayer money by reducing travel costs of members traveling between Washington and their districts.”

If passed, the resolution would not only increase the number of hours worked during the week – it would also increase the number of weeks that the House is in session during the year. Currently, the House is scheduled to work 34 weeks out of the year, and the resolution would bring that to 39 if it becomes a reality.

Peters’ resolution would likely contribute, at least slightly, to fixing the issue of productivity in Congress. The last two sessions of Congress each enacted fewer than 300 bills, making them the least productive sessions in congressional history.

Sources: Huffington Post, The Hill

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