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House Democrat Accuses GOP Of 'Double Standard' In Clinton Email Scandal

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Democratic Rep. Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts defended Hillary Clinton in a radio interview on Aug. 20, saying Republicans have treated the presidential candidate unfairly by requesting information from her personal computer server.

Lynch argues that former secretaries of state never had to hand over their personal email servers despite pleas for greater scrutiny of government officials.

“I haven’t heard a word about Colin Powell,” Lynch said on Boston Herald Radio. “I haven’t heard a word about Condoleezza Rice.”

“Colin Powell did not have a goddamn email available for us,” Lynch added. “Zero, zero.”

“It was the same thing with Condoleezza Rice. There was not a goddamn email that was useful to the committee,” he said.

To explain why Clinton’s email server has become a major scandal, Lynch suggested Republicans were continuing to exploit any available information because Clinton is the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination.

“So why is it OK that Colin Powell, you know, in launching a war with Iraq, to not have a single available email, it’s OK for that, but Hillary Clinton, you know, she turns over 30,000 of them and you know that’s not enough, we want more information?,” Lynch asked.

“It’s just a double standard. It’s very glaring.”

Lynch questioned Clinton’s reasoning for using a private email server in March, saying her behavior “presents the opportunity” for a foreign nation or terror group to hack the highly classified information that she was receiving each day.

“It’s not good,” he said of the email scandal. However, when asked if Clinton’s use of a private server put the U.S. in harm’s way, Lynch disagreed.

“I don’t believe so. I love Hillary Clinton. I’m with Hillary Clinton. I’m supporting her for president,” Lynch said.

Sources: The Hill, Boston Herald Radio / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons/Scott Schmidt


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