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House Blocks EPA’s Water Regulation Agenda

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On May 12, The U.S. House of Representatives voted down an attempt by the Environmental Protection Agency to create more oversight over which rivers, tributaries and streams would be protected under new federal guidelines and regulations.

Farmers opposed the new legislation, stating there are already enough federal regulations on their lands from the EPA to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The House voted 261-155 to force the EPA to consult with lower governmental officials before enacting any of its new regulations on the public, Fox News reported.

Gina McCarthy, an EPA administrator, was concerned that millions of Americans use drinking and bathing water from areas that may be heavily polluted.

The White House has threatened House Republicans with a veto on their attempt to undo the EPA’s regulatory efforts. Democrats in the U.S. Senate have crafted their own legislation that scales back some of the EPA’s oversight.

“We’ve got a whole lot of pent-up frustration and concern because it seems like every time they turn around, there is a new set of regulations for farmers to be concerned about,” Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota said about the Senate legislation, which would state which bodies of water need supervision.

Another Democrat who supports the legislation is Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly.

“It’s the perfect example of the disconnect between Washington and rural areas,” Donnelly said.

EPA administrators have since admitted to not writing a more thorough and definitive proposal to establish their intentions. But, they argue that previous legislation did not go far enough in protecting waterways that were in grave danger of being polluted.

The Senate has also tackled the Obama administration’s regulations on coal power plants throughout the nation, with Republican Sen. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia voicing her support on the regulation regression, with coal being a major source of income for her state, The Washington Examiner reported.

Sources: Fox News, The Washington Examiner

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