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Hos Before Embryos

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Pro-aborts like to accuse pro-lifers of negatively stereotyping women who find themselves in crisis pregnancies. For instance, Amanda Marcotte wrote:

If there's any one dictum that makes up the backbone of the anti-choice movement, it might be phrased as, "There are sluts in the world and they get what's coming to them."

Of course pro-lifers don't think or talk like that.

But it certainly doesn't help the the other side's attempt to smear us as typecasting mothers in crisis pregnancies as "sluts" when young pro-aborts are bragging that they are, in fact, sluts.

S**U, Sexists blog (had to bleep the actual name) posted the following picture on May 18, with the caption, "A big ol' gold star to tehsunshine, for her brave (and awesome) stand against anti-choicers outside of Planned Parenthood"...

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Jill at the pro-abort blog Happy Bodies thought quite highly of the sign...

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Kungfucarrie blogged that the photo was "amazing." Another blogger whose name I can't repeat wrote, "New favourite poster slogannnnn."

So these pathetic young women are all bragging about their right to sleep around and abort if pregnancy gets in the way so they can continue to sleep around - the very definition of "slut," wouldn't you say? So sad.


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