Horrible Japan Earthquake Not an Act of God


Was the horrific earthquake off the coast of Japan which launched giant waves crashing into its shoreline, the act of a god? Well, at least one person believes exactly that. A Christian far right-wing conservative and video blogger named tamtampamela stated that "god is so good" because of that earthquake that hit Japan.

She prayed for her god to "open the eyes" of atheists and to her the prayer was answered by such devastation.

As an atheist, I have to say a massive earthquake that kills thousands does not make me want to believe or worship this god. A god that would kill innocent people, including small children, is not a god that I would want to look up to in anyway.

This is not a god that deserves respect, but it is unfortunately for all that value reason over superstition, the god of tens of millions of my fellow Americans. It is the same god that Pat Robertson believed cause the horrible earthquake in Haiti last year. Why do so many people want to believe and worship a vengeful god? To me, it says more about them and their own lack of ethics and empathy for their fellow human being, than a god that doesn't exist.

If this god really wants me to believe in him , than present sufficient evidence for that belief. After all, an all knowing god would know what level of evidence that would make me and all other atheists believe. Lastly, why is this god so obsessed with me and other atheists believing in him? I do not care if an ant believes in me, so why should a god care if I a puny little human on a small ball of dirt in the vast, vast, vast universe believe in him?

Listening to a caller on talk radio, a caller kind of defended this blogger. He stated that sometimes such violence is necessary to get the attention of non-believers! How much different are beliefs such as this, than those of the Taliban or Al Qaeda.

 I sincerely wish that people who wish to blame, or in this case praise, a god for horrible natural events would open up a science book. It is quite obvious that such people know nothing about science or nature or in the case of this earthquake in Japan, the movement of giant plates across the surface of the earth. But, ironically, they use the internet and the science that gave birth to it,  to promote their ignorance.


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