Hobby Lobby Pays Its Employees $14/Hour Minimum Wage


Hobby Lobby has come under fire for demanding the right to refrain from providing emergency contraceptive coverage to its employees – a right that the Supreme Court granted on Monday.

However, in lesser known news, the store also reportedly pays its employees almost double the national average for minimum wage.

The arts and crafts store is reported to pay its full-time employees a minimum of $14 an hour. The hourly wage for part-time employees is $9.50.

In April of last year, the company raised its full-time wages to $14, up from $13.

As CEO and founder David Green said, “We are very fortunate to be able to increase hourly wages for our employees, because we know our company would not be successful without the great work they do each day in our stores across the nation.”

The company also opened more than 30 new stores throughout the U.S. last year, which created more than 1,000 new jobs.

Green founded Hobby Lobby in August 1972 on Christian principles, which have continued to endure in the company’s values.

Sources: IJR Review, MSNBC, Mad World News

Photo Sources: CBS News, www.leadershipethicsonline.com


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