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Hitler/Abortion Billboard Causing International Controversy (Graphic Image)

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Read backstory here.

Investing in provocative pro-life billboard signs appears to be money well spent.

Anyone with half an ear toward the news knows the GA Right to Life/Radiance Foundation"Black children are an endangered species" billboard campaign has generated an amazing amount of press.

Meanwhile one measly pro-life billboard sign located in Posnan, Poland, is making news - showing the reality of abortion - around the world, from the US (even HuffPo), to London, to Israel, to Russia, to India, to, of course, Poland. I don't speak Polish but get the gist of this headline...

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Our Polish friend with the pro-life group stopaborcji wrote:

After the Poznan billboard (it is still there) abortionists don't know what to do. We don't hire security, and they don't attack our displays. I said in media that attacks attract media attention. Probably they believe me.

Lol. Now the group is working toward posting the billboard in 2 more major Polish cities as well as preparing to set up up the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform's graphic displays in Koszalin (100k population in NW Poland), Przeworsk (15k population in SE Poland), and Tarnow (100k population in S Poland).

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For those unconvinced or averse to graphic displays, read this email from our Polish friend:

I had been involved in pro-life activity in Poland since 2000. After some years I was a little frustrated due to lack effect of our activity. In December 2005 Gregg Cunningham came to Poland. I attended meeting with him. His speech was clear and moving, although the proposals were astonishing.

After some weeks of thinking our group decided to follow the way of CBR. The effects are also astonishing. Number of abortion supporters in Poland has dropped rapidly, number of abortion opponents grow rapidly. Today is real possibility to ban abortion in Poland totally. I hope we will exploit the possibility. We are big debtors of CBR and Gregg.

Cooperation with CBR made also possibility to meet wonderful people. I am very grateful for this.


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