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Mike Pence Brings Wounded Vets To Super Bowl (Photos)

Vice President Mike Pence flew out to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on Feb. 5 to pick up two wounded veterans and bring them to the Super Bowl in Houston.

Shortly after arriving at the base around noon, Pence was introduced to Marine Staff Sgt. Anthony Mannino Jr., who was wounded in Iraq in 2008, and Army Staff Sgt. Frederick Manning, who was wounded in Afghanistan in 2016.

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Mannino brought along his wife while Manning was accompanied by his nurse from the Walter Reed National Military Center, according to The Hill. The four of them flew to Houston aboard Air Force Two.

Mannino was reportedly pulling for the New England Patriots. Manning, on the other hand, was pulling for the Atlanta Falcons.

"We've got Falcons fans. We've got Patriots fans," Pence said, according to The Hill. "There will be a winner on this plane on the way back."

The vice president said the VIP treatment was a "small token of the gratitude of the people of this country."

"We're honored you're with us," Pence told the soldiers.

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After landing in Houston, the party was spotted at Pappas BBQ, according to the Daily Mail.

"Anyone who knows the Pence family knows we can't pass up good BBQ," Pence wrote on Twitter. "Had to stop by Pappas in Houston on the way to Super Bowl LI."

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Pence told the restaurant's manager that he had heard Pappas "was the place to come," according to the Houston Chronicle. After the meal, he indicated that he and his guests were satisfied.

"It was just great," he said. "That's some Texas BBQ."

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