Hillary Clinton Calls For Increased Pre-K Funding And Access

Speaking to supporters at a YMCA in Rochester, New Hampshire, on June 15, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton focused her latest speech on education, specifically announcing her support for tax cuts for middle-income families to pay for their children’s education and care.

Clinton said she supports a tax cut “that can go toward helping parents pay for quality child care” and promised “in the next 10 years every 4-year-old has access to high-quality preschool,” to the applause of her supports on site, Bloomberg News reported.

In addition to the proposed tax cut, Clinton wants to double current funding levels for popular pre-education programs Early Head Start and Early Head Start Childcare Partnership grant program.

Clinton took some time to criticize the Republican Party for what she believes to be the wrong agenda and approach to raise funds and stabilize the child care and education systems.

“Republicans aren’t just missing the boat on early childhood education, they’re trying to sink it. Republicans took care of those at the top and went after the kids,” Clinton said.

She continued by linking Republicans to banks and oil companies, alleging that members of the GOP assisted the finances of CEOs more than middle-class Americans.

“In their budget proposal they cut funding for Head Start. Did they cut subsidies to oil companies? No. Did they go after carried interest for those running hedge funds? No. The leaders took care of those at the top and went after the kids,” she continued.

Clinton was expected to continue her tour in Concord, New Hampshire later in the day. Since her official declaration of announcing her candidacy in New York City on June 13, this is the former secretary of state’s first stop in the crucial primary state of New Hampshire.

Sources: Bloomberg News, New Hampshire Union Leader

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons


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