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Hillary Clinton Compares Trump To Weinstein

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused President Donald Trump of being an "admitted sex assaulter" and compared him to another alleged abuser, Hollywood director Harvey Weinstein, while rejecting similar comparisons to her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

"We have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office," she told BBC's Andrew Marr, referring to the leaked Access Hollywood tape on which Trump was heard boasting about "grabbing women by the p****y," NBC News reports.

Later in the interview, Hillary was asked if Weinstein -- who had donated to her campaign as well as Democratic campaigns -- and Trump were "the same kind of person."

"I was really shocked and appalled because I've known him through politics as many Democrats have," she said about the Weinstein allegations.

"I'm not a psychologist." she added, answering the question about Trump and Weinstein. "I can't draw that conclusion. I think that there are reports -- credible reports -- from women about both that sound quite similar."

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However, she sparked controversy when she defended her husband, who had faced similar accusations from three women.

"Was that the right thing to do?" Marr asked, referring to a time Trump brought the issue up through questions and Hillary "dismissed them."

"Well, yes, because that had all been litigated," she responded. "I mean that was the subject of a huge investigation in the late 90s as you might recall, and there were conclusions drawn and that was clearly in the past."

Her remarks outraged users on the internet.

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"She is basically saying that we should believe the victims of Weinstein but not the victims of her own husband and their claims that she actually intimidated them into silence," wrote one person in the Daily Mail's comments section. "Hillary Clinton is a real piece of work!"

"Hypocrite!" added a second. "She trashed all of Bill Clinton's victims mercilessly, and now she's pointing fingers, this woman needs to go away for good."

"Did she compliment those women victims who were sexually abused by her husband for stepping forward??" wrote another. "No, she threatened and harassed them!"

"Hey women, are you now aware of what many of us have known for decades?" chimed in a third. "Hillary cares about the health and well being of only one woman: Hillary."

"I am a woman, and I voted for Trump for his political positions; realistically, I understand that men do have locker room talk with other men," said another. "In no way [do] his comments compare with the egregious and criminal [behavior] of Weinstein and, for that matter, of Bill Clinton."

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