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Hillary Clinton's Favorability Is At Its Lowest Since 2008

Hillary Clinton’s favorability is now at its lowest point since 2008, according to a new Gallup poll released Monday.

Only 58 percent of Americans view the former Secretary of State favorably – the lowest rating she received since President Barack Obama’s first term. The percent of those who view Clinton unfavorably is up increasing from 31 percent in April to 39 percent in June.

“While Clinton has long been the most popular official, past or present, in the Obama administration, recent congressional testimony about the Benghazi controversy from so-called whistleblowers has called into question her leadership during her tenure at the State Department,” Gallup wrote of its results.“This poll shows only slight changes in the public's overall assessment of Clinton, with her unfavorable rating now marginally higher than at any time since 2008. However, there is no telling what the future might hold, as members of the House Oversight Committee have publicly speculated that Clinton may have to testify before the Republican-led committee again.”

The poll collected responses from 1,529 American from June 1 to 4. Overall, Gallup said attitudes among Democrats and Republicans toward Clinton have been static. Independents, however, view her less favorably. In April, 63 percent of independents had a favorable opinion of her and now those numbers have fallen to 52 percent.

Despite the uptick in unfavorability, Clinton is still doing better than other rumored 2016 presidential candidate Chris Christie. Despite cross-party appeal, the June 5 Gallup poll shows Christie’s favorability at 52 percent.

Sources: Politico, Washington Post


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