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Here's Why Hillary Clinton Is Throwing A Party


Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is reportedly throwing a party with running mate Tim Kaine to thank the people who donated millions of dollars to her campaign.

Clinton’s party is set to be held on Dec. 15 at the Plaza hotel in honor of the Hillary for America finance leadership council. The guest list is set to include Ana Wintour, Harvey Weinstein and Tony Burch, among others.

“Hopefully there’s no balconies so nobody can jump,” an insider told Page Six.

Kaine is also throwing a holiday party in New York City the same day.

Meanwhile, Clinton maintains a 2.7 million-vote lead against President-elect Donald Trump in the popular vote for the election, despite the billionaire real estate mogul’s win on Nov. 8. Clinton is on track to receive more popular votes than President Barack Obama in 2012. 

Trump won the general election because of the Electoral College system, which distributes electoral votes throughout states based on which candidate won the popular vote. The larger states with more electoral votes, such as Pennsylvania, were won by Trump.

Though the Electoral College will declare Trump the winner on Dec. 19, there are at least seven electors who have pledged to vote against Trump in protest. These faithless electors will vote either for Clinton or another Republican, The Independent reported. 

Many readers expressed their frustration with the ongoing issue of the popular vote versus the Electoral College.

“What is the point of this?  Donald Trump has won the election....Donald Trump will be the new US President.  What part of 'won the election' and 'will be new US President' do some folk in the US not understand?” one reader asked on The Independent's page. 

“Who cares how many votes she got? She is one of the most evil people in the world today. She really ought to be in prison, not wandering around espousing her foul rhetoric, deceit and lies. 

"Drumpf isn't a lot better, but better at least than Killary. She ran him and conceded and that's the end of that,” another added. 

Sources: Page Six, The Independent / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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