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Hillary Clinton Tells #BlackLivesMatter Protesters: 'I'm Going To Keep Talking' (Video)

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was campaigning today at Case Western University in Cleveland when some #BlackLivesMatter and GetEQUAL protesters began shouting (video below).

Before the protesters began yelling, Clinton said that Tamir Rice, the black boy who was killed by a Cleveland police officer last year, should be alive.

Clinton also stated, "And we have to stand up and say loudly and clearly, 'Black lives matter!'"

However, moments later, the #BlackLivesMatter and GetEQUAL protesters shouted out the names of black transgender people who had been murdered, notes The Daily Caller.

“I will certainly be happy to meet with you later, but I’m going to keep talking,” Clinton responded.

GetEQUAL, a LGBTQ advocacy group, tweeted a video (below) of a protester yelling at Clinton about a "state of emergency" because five black trans women have been killed. She also called on Clinton not to invest in "anti-black" private prisons, but to invest in black trans women.

Transgender actress and and activist Laverne Cox declared a "state of emergency" last week on "Good Morning America" regarding violence against the transgender community, noted

(Note: Clinton addresses protesters at 1:50 mark on first video)

Sources: The Daily Caller, Twitter, / Photo Credit: Hillary For Iowa/Flickr


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