Hillary Clinton To Persistent Autograph Seeker: 'Go To The End Of The Line' (Video)

America Rising, a conservative political action committee, recently filmed Hillary Clinton telling a persistent autograph seeker, "If you go to the, go to the end of the line, okay? Why don’t you go to the end of the line?"

America Rising's Shoshana Weissmann tweeted the six-second video (below) from Vine with the caption, "Painful new @AmericaRising @vine - the whole video we pulled it from is @HillaryClinton unenthused to meet supporters."

Weissmann tweeted the same video a second time and added, "FYI @HillaryClinton says it like 5 more times after in her condescending tone, couldn't fit it all in..."

The America Rising Twitter handle also tweeted the video with the caption, "Watch what happens when a @HillaryClinton supporter asks her to sign something."

However, Guy Benson of the conservative website TownHall.com asked for the full video, viewed all 17 minutes and wrote:

As I suspected, the added context casts the awkward exchange in a far less damaging light.  Hillary emerges from the building and slowly makes her way down the line of well-wishers, taking photographs, shaking hands, and making small talk. 

She's not a natural politician, and many of the interactions feel stilted and perfunctory, but it's nothing out of the ordinary.  When people start asking her to sign items (books, photographs, even baseballs), Hillary seems to make a snap decision that she'll accommodate their requests, but not until she's made it all the way through the crowd.  Hence, the "end of the line" request.

Sure enough, the last four-or-so minutes of the complete video features Hillary Clinton dutifully autographing paraphernalia for all comers, asking questions like, "want me to make it out to you?"

The conservative website HotAir.com added, "Besides, if there was a line for greeting Hillary, then it would make sense for Hillary to respect those who followed the rules. This isn’t an unreasonable request, nor was it given dismissively."

Dave Weigel, who writes for Bloomberg Politics, noted on his Facebook page:

Good golly this is dumb. Anyone who's covered a campaign event (with a big-name candidate) knows that spectators/voters huddle along ropelines. Just from a glance, I assumed that Hillary was telling this voter, who wanted something signed, to head down the line where she would have time and space to sign it. She was not telling the woman to go "to the back of the line," as if she'd queued up.

If the woman was outraged and denied, the tracker would have captured that. He didn't, but duehhher -- this got Drudged anyway.

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Image Credit: Vine/YouTube Screenshot


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