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Hillary Clinton Advocates For 'Sensible Gun Control' In Wake Of Oregon Shooting


Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton responded to the Oct. 1 massacre at Umpqua Community College in Oregon that left 13 dead and 20 injured.

Following a campaign event in Dorchester, Massachusetts, Clinton reacted to the shooting in a statement to CNN reporter Dan Merica on Oct. 2, Business Insider reports.

“It is just beyond my comprehension that we are seeing these mass murders happen again and again and again. And as I have said, we have got to get the political will to do everything we can to keep people safe,” she said. 

“You know I know there is a way to have sensible gun control measures that help prevent violence, prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands and save lives."

Clinton also tweeted her reaction to the shooting, saying that the country needs “sensible gun control measures to save lives.” The former Secretary of State vowed to do “everything” she could “to achieve that.”

Sources: CBS DC, Business Insider / Photo credit: Marc Nozell/Flickr (2)


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