Hillary Clinton: Not Staying on if Obama Wins in 2012


Hillary Clinton said she will not remain Secretary of State if President Obama wins a second term in 2012. But it does not mean she is gearing up for a 2016 presidential run.

The Associated Press reports that Clinton was asked in Egypt on Wednesday if she would stay on for a possible second Obama term. Her one-word response: "No."

She also was asked if she would like to be president, vice president or defense secretary. She offered the same "No" response to each job.

Clinton's future is the topic of much conversation in Washington and beyond. It has been speculated that Obama would drop Joe Biden and make Clinton his 2012 running mate. More recently, she has been mentioned as a possible successor to Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who plans to step down.

As far as another presidential run, Clinton told CNN that will not happen.

"You know, I had a wonderful experience running and I am very proud of the support I had and very grateful for the opportunity, but I'm going to be, you know, moving on," Clinton said. "I am doing what I want to do right now and I have no intention or any idea even of running again. I'm going to do the best I can at this job for the next two years."

She said her current job gives her everything she would ever need.

"There isn't anything that I can imagine doing after this that would be as demanding, as challenging or rewarding," Clinton said.


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