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Hillary Clinton: ‘No Role Whatsoever’ For American Troops In Iraq

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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is speaking out on America’s current policy in Iraq, saying she supports President Barack Obama’s administration for using diplomatic relations rather than boots on the ground.

Clinton clearly stated her views on U.S. troops returning to Iraq in the wake of the Islamic State (ISIS) making significant gains in the region and moving closer to controlling the largest city in the country.

After a campaign stop in New Hampshire on May 22, Clinton told reporters that there is “no role whatsoever for American soldiers on the ground” in Iraq, NBC News reported.

“I think it’s a very difficult situation, and I basically agree with the policies that we are currently following and that is American air support is available, American intelligence and surveillance is available,” the former U.S. Secretary of State said. "American trainers are trying to undo the damage that was done to the Iraqi army by former prime minister Maliki, who bears a very big part of the responsibility for what is happening inside of Iraq today." 

Clinton added that while she doesn’t believe in American forces on the ground in Iraq, she supports the idea of American troops training the Iraqi military to fight ISIS on their own.

“This has to be fought and won by Iraqis,” Clinton commented.

Clinton’s most recent remarks on Iraq are more in line for what she has said since her ill-fated 2008 presidential campaign. Prior to the campaign, she supported the invasion of Iraq and voted for authorization in 2003, according to The Washington Post.

Not surprisingly, Republican presidential hopefuls have stated the opposite, criticizing the Obama Administration for not sending American troops in to fight ISIS and assist the Iraqi military.  Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who has yet to declare a presidential bid, recently advocated for 10,000 troops to be sent into the region to combat the terrorist group.

Sources: The Washington Post, NBC News

Photo Credit: Flickr


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