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Hillary Clinton Needs To Hold A Press Conference

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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton needs to hold a press conference soon.

Clinton has not held a press conference since 2015, according to The Washington Post, meaning the potential future president of the United States has not formally addressed the American people in a press conference setting in more than 250 days. With around 80 days until the presidential election, this is a surprising and unacceptable statistic.

Clinton is not completely unapproachable as she pursues the presidency.

The Democratic nominee and her campaign run a podcast called “With Her.” The Chicago Tribune mocked this attempt at media engagement, noting the “tough questions” asked on the podcast, such as “What's the first thing you do in the morning?" and "What's the best-case scenario for what dinner's going to be tonight?"

“Clinton does some one-on-one interviews but generally seems to do everything possible to avoid the media scrutiny most presidential candidates endure,” The Chicago Tribune’s Rex Huppke said.

The 2016 election has been anything but free of media scrutiny. From constant attacks on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s comments to deep analysis of Clinton’s history of email scandals, both candidates have taken over news headlines for months.

But by evading press conferences, Clinton seems to be avoiding the inevitable.

Her desire to avoid public attention is understandable; Clinton does not want her words to get her in trouble the way that Trump’s words have for the struggling GOP candidate. If Clinton seriously wants to be president, she has to overcome this fear.

“One of the most important things when someone is offering themselves up to represent all of us is that we get the best sense we can about how that person thinks on his or her feet, how they deal with unwanted or adversarial questions,” Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post writes.

The American people need to hear what Clinton thinks about the mid-August weekend in Milwaukee, where a fatal police shooting turned into two nights of violent protests and chaos. Americans deserve to hear how a presidential candidate would respond to these kinds of situations.

The Washington Post reminds Americans that since Clinton’s last press conference, terrorist attacks have occurred in Nice, Brussels and Orlando; Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to resign from the Democratic National Convention; and FBI Director James Comey released a report recommending not to prosecute Clinton for her email practices during her time as secretary of state. 

Each of these instances is enough to spark a public statement from a future world leader. Sadly, Clinton did not respond to any of them with a formal press conference.

No matter the topic, Clinton needs to hold a press conference soon. Both her supporters and opposing forces deserve to have the opportunity to hear her thoughts and question her policies.

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Sources: The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, CNN / Photo credit: United States Mission Geneva/Flickr

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