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Team Of Scientists Urge Clinton To Request Vote Recount

A team of computer scientists are urging the Hillary Clinton campaign to request a recount in three states won by Donald Trump, which may change who will end up being president of the United States for the next four years. 

The three researchers say there's a possibility voting machines in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin were hacked or manipulated, and presented their results to the Clinton campaign on Nov. 17, OregonLive reports. If Clinton had won in those states, the tally of electoral college votes in her favor would have swung to 278 —- 18 more than Trump and enough to land her the presidency. 

University of Michigan computer science professor Alex Halderman believes voting machines, which are not plugged into the Internet, could have been manipulated through memory cards that record ballot counts, the Center for Investigative Reporting's Reveal blog states. 

"This is more complicated than attacking an online voting system that is directly connected to the Internet," he informed CIR's Byard Duncan. "But it's within the capabilities of nation-state attackers, and it would not require a large conspiracy."

The states tally votes that are either paper ballots counted by an optimal scanning machine or votes entered straight into a computer. 

According to the team of scientists, Clinton received 7 percent fewer votes in Wisconsin counties that electronically registered votes rather than use the paper ballot and optical scanner system, The Daily Mail reports.  

This indicates hackers may have tampered with the electronic vote tally while the paper counts, which are impossible to hack, were not affected, they say. 

The team's calculations have a hack costing Clinton 30,000 votes in Wisconsin, a state worth 10 Electoral College votes that she lost by 27,000. 

Clinton lost Michigan's 16 Electoral College votes by 11,000, and the Democratic candidate lost Pennsylvania's 20 Electoral College votes by 68,236. 

Though the team of scientists did not name possible vote hacking suspects, the Democratic National Committee pinned the blame on Russia for leaked Democratic Party emails during the election season. 

Clinton campaign representatives have not issued public comments about requesting a recount. The deadline to ask for a recount in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan is Nov. 25, Nov. 28 and Nov. 30, respectively.

Sources: The Daily Mail, OregonLive, Reveal News / Photo credit: Journal Pioneer

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