Hillary Clinton Leases What Could Be Campaign Headquarters In Brooklyn

Hillary Clinton has taken the next step in pursuing the presidency. Her team recently signed a lease for a Brooklyn, New York, office. 

Though Clinton has not officially announced her candidacy, two Democrats confirmed the deal to ABC News.

The headquarters are located at at 1 Pierrepont Plaza in Brooklyn Heights and will occupy two floors of the building, which is located close to several public transportation routes. The building’s website advertises the space as having “modern offices [that are] Brooklyn cool.”

The building is also where Clinton Street comes to an end. Funnily, a nearby cross street is Tillary Street, meaning the building is right by the intersection of Tillary and Clinton.

The rental of the facility means an announcement will likely come soon - Federal Election Committee rules hold that individuals have 15 days between conducting campaign activities, like renting an office, and filing the paperwork for presidency. 

However, campaign finance experts told ABC News that the Clinton team could skirt that rule because they’re not officially calling the location “campaign headquarters.”

Sources: ABC News, Politico, Business Insider / Image via 1 Pierrepont Plaza


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