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Hillary Clinton Launches Campaign, Calls For 'Basic Bargain' On Economy

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In the first rally of her 2016 presidential campaign on Saturday, Hillary Clinton cited Franklin D. Roosevelt and advocated for economic populism. 

“You see corporations making record profits with CEOs making record pay, but your paychecks have barely budged,” Clinton said at her rally on Roosevelt Island in New York City. “While many of you are working multiple jobs to make ends meet, you see the top 25 hedge fund managers making more than all of America’s kindergarten teachers combined and often paying a lower tax rate.”

Further channeling Roosevelt, and the “four freedoms” referenced in his 1941 speech, Clinton outlined “four fights” she’d start if elected president — including equitable economic growth, national security, better treatment of children and families, and less corrupt government. 

“Democracy can’t be just for billionaires and corporations,” she said. “Prosperity and democracy are part of your basic bargain, too. You brought our country back. Now it’s time -- your time -- to secure the gains and move ahead. And you know what, America can’t succeed unless you succeed. That is why I am running for president of the United States.”

Clinton also spoke of her upbringing in the speech and cited her mother as motivation for being a champion of struggling Americans.

“My mother taught me that everybody needs a chance and a champion,” she said. “She knew what it was like not to have either one.''

Once, Clinton said, "I asked what kept her going. ... (It was) something very simple: Kindness from someone who believed she mattered.''

Clinton’s campaign is expected to continue into Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada in the coming weeks.

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