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Hillary Clinton Looks Worse Than Expected (Photos)

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is getting some flak for appearing "stern" and less "grandmotherly" after her first speech since losing to President-elect Donald Trump Nov. 8. 

The Daily Mail reports that Clinton made her first public appearance since conceding the election at a Children’s Defense Fund gala in Washington, D.C.  Clinton considered canceling her appearance, but decided to give her speech out of respect for her mentor.  

Clinton donned her signature pantsuit, but looked "unkempt" according to witnesses who notices she had opted not to wear makeup or cosmetics.  

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Clearly no longer concerned about impressing the public with her appearance, the 69-year-old Democrat sported puffiness under the eyes and a disheveled hairdo.  This stands in stark contrast to her pristine appearance during the entire 2016 election campaign.  

Some experts are blaming anxiety and stress for her diminished appearance, noting that the last few weeks have been especially hard for Clinton, who believed she would become the first female president of the United States, only to lose in a shocking upset to Trump. 

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Prior to the election, Clinton visited high-end salons like the John Barrett Salon at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, where she reportedly received a $600 haircut.  She also received a custom makeover from makeup artist Kriss Soterion-Blevens, who used colors from her signature line of cosmetics to make Clinton appear more youthful on the campaign trail. 

Soterion-Blevens explained her process to Racked:  

Sometimes in the beginning, candidates don’t even care about makeup. But as we get closer to the general election, the heat is on. ... The biggest correction is with skintone. ... It’s that drawn-out redness –– maybe they’re not eating so well so their skin is kind of ruddy, or they’ve got dark circles, or dim spirit. I like to lift everyone up with light tricks.

Clinton seems to be sending the message that once you lose an election, there’s no point in continuing with the high-priced makeup.  

Speaking of Clinton, Wendy Iles, founder of Iles Formula Hair Care and celebrity hairstylist, said: "It’s obvious she has been tortured by the defeat -- I think the last thing on her mind was to call in hair and makeup for last night’s event."

Sources: Daily Mail, Racked / Photo credit: Facebook, AFP/Getty via Daily Mail

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