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Hillary Clinton: Jailing Kim Davis 'Was The Right Thing' (Video)

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was asked on Oct. 7 what she would do about someone like Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who went to jail after refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses (video below).

The question about Davis came during a rally at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa, notes the International Business Times.

Clinton replied:

Well, I think what happened to Kim Davis was the right thing. She violated the law, and therefore she was arrested.

And when she was released she had to agree that she would not stand in the way of doing her public duty under the constitution.

So, I actually think she was treated the way she should have been treated.

Clinton added that people are entitled to their personal beliefs, religious and non-religious. She also recalled how Democratic Governor Orval Faubus of Arkansas wrongly tried to defy the U.S. Supreme Court on school integration.

In more news, Clinton told PBS on Oct. 7 that she opposes the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership, which President Obama supports (video below):

I’m worried about currency manipulation not being part of the agreement. We’ve lost American jobs to the manipulations that countries, particularly in Asia, have engaged in.

I’m worried that the pharmaceutical companies may have gotten more benefits, and patients and consumers fewer. I think there are still a lot of unanswered questions, but for me, it comes down to those three points that I made.

Sources: International Business Times, PBS via YouTube / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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