Hillary Clinton To Donald Trump: 'Start Respecting Women'


Hillary Clinton took aim at Donald Trump over the weekend, blasting the GOP frontrunner for what she called a lack of respect towards women.

Clinton ripped into Trump during a speech in Portsmouth, New Hampshire — saying that the billionaire real estate mogul needs to “start respecting women.”

“Mr. Trump insults, he dismisses women … he has been throwing a lot of heat my way,” the former Secretary of State said. “That’s fine … I can take it. But I do find a lot of what he says pretty ridiculous.”

Trump’s treatment of women has come into question recently after Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly questioned his history of calling women “fat pigs,” “dogs,” “slobs” and “disgusting animals” during a debate last month. In response to Kelly’s questioning, Trump took to Twitter and implied that she might have been menstruating.

“I cherish women,” Trump later told CNN. “I want to help women.”

Clinton slammed Trump’s softened message on women during her speech on Saturday.

“If it’s all the same to you, Mr. Trump, I would rather you stop cherishing women and start respecting women,” she said.

During an interview with ABC, Clinton doubled down on her criticism — calling Trump’s recent claims that he would be better for women’s health issues than she would be “laughable, if it weren’t about a serious issue.”

“I'm always a little amused when people get into politics and they think that all you have to do is give speeches and the more colorful you are, the more dramatic, the more vehement you are that's leadership,” Clinton said of Trump.

“In fact, if you're running to be president of the United States, you have to know every single day that people all over the world really pay attention to what you say," she added. "They make decisions, markets rise and fall, armies get bigger or smaller. Things happen with real consequences."

Sources: Think Progress, ABC News

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Marc Nozell/Flickr CC


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