'We're Going Backwards': Hillary Clinton Calls For Wage Equality


In a speech during a women’s conference on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton called for greater action to close the wage gap and provide more equal opportunities for women in the workforce.

“Sixty percent of college graduates are now women, yet they earn only 18 percent of computer science degrees. That's actually less than half of what it was in the 1980s, when women earned 38 percent of those degrees. We're going backwards in a field that's supposed to be all about going forward,” Clinton said in her speech at the Lead On Conference in Santa Clara, California. The former Secretary of State and potential 2016 presidential candidate discussed the struggles women still face in the male-dominated where the event took place.

“You bump your heads on the glass ceilings that persist in the tech industry today,” Clinton said. The former first lady also touched on the need for more women in science, technology, engineering and math-related fields in order to “empower women as beneficial to America’s economy,” according to the Huffington Post.

"There are lasting consequences for them, their families, and our economy,” she said. “We cannot afford to leave all that talent sitting on that sidelines. To borrow a familiar phrase, it's time to think different.”

Clinton acknowledged Patricia Arquette’s buzzed-about Oscars speech, in which she passionately called for wage equality, bringing much of the audience to their feet.

“Up and down the ladder many women are paid less for the same work, which is why we all cheered at Patricia Arquette's speech at the Oscars -- because she's right, it's time to have wage equality once and for all,” Clinton said.

“Even though things have changed in many places, in so many ways the economy is still operating like it's 1955.”

Source: Huffington Post

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