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Hillary Clinton Calls Social Security A 'Necessity,' Opposes Privatizing It

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As part of her first official stop in New Hampshire on the 2016 presidential campaign trail, Hillary Clinton addressed the issue of social security, saying that Republicans shouldn’t “mess” with the program by changing or privatizing it.

During a roundtable event hosted by furniture company Whitney Brothers, Clinton stressed the need to preserve social security for the institution that it is, emphasizing that she would be “100 percent committed” to maintaining the program for retirees if she was elected in 2016.

“What do we do to make sure it is there? We don’t mess with it, and we do not pretend that it is a luxury – because it is not a luxury. It is a necessity for the majority of people who draw from Social Security,” she said.

“I think there will be some big political arguments about Social Security," she added. "And my only question to everybody who thinks we can privatize Social Security or undermine it in some way – and what is going to happen to all these people, like you, who worked 27 years at this other company? What’s going to happen? It’s just wrong.”

During the roundtable, Clinton also addressed recent allegations that Clinton Foundation donors were given “special treatment” by the State Department while she was Secretary of State.

“We’re back into the political season, and therefore we will be subjected to all kinds of distraction and attacks. And I’m ready for that,” she said. “It is worth noting that the Republicans seem to be talking only about me. I don’t know what they’d talk about if I weren’t in the race. But I am in the race, and hopefully we’ll get on to the issues.” 

Response to Clinton’s small, intimate event was mainly positive, with Whitney Brothers owner David Stabler saying he thought Clinton “did a really good job,” and that he appreciated her choosing his business to host the roundtable.

“She really wanted to know about us,” Whitney Brothers employee Pam Livingwood, who participated in the roundtable discussion, added. “It was really really interesting and nice meeting her.”

Sources: MSNBC, Washington Times

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