Hillary Clinton: Benghazi Panel Is A 'Charade' (Video)


In a new video, Hillary Clinton called the Select Committee on Benghazi a “charade.”

The video (below), released by the Clinton campaign’s rapid response YouTube channel, is composed of news stories regarding the committee’s investigation into Clinton and the Benghazi scandal — particularly the email controversy that came to light as a result. 

“How long will Republicans keep spending tax dollars on this political charade?” the video asked. A clip from Fox News highlighted the delaying of the report until 2016, bringing into question the Republican committee’s motivation behind it. 

“The Benghazi committee’s only interested in taking down Hillary Clinton,” a quote from Vox, displayed in the video, read. 

Republican National Committee spokesman Michael Short responded to the video in an email to Business Insider, accusing Clinton of withholding important documents that she “claimed she turned over.”

“The only charade is the notion that Hillary Clinton has been open and honest with the American people,” Short said. 

Watch the video below.

Sources: The Hill, Business Insider

Photo Credit: flickr.com, Screenshot


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