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Reports: Hillary Clinton Will Announce 2016 Campaign On Sunday

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According to reports, Hillary Clinton is expected to announce her intention to run for President in 2016 on Sunday.

The former First Lady and ex-Secretary of State will make the announcement through a video that will be posted on social media.

“She's expected to make her intention to run known on Sunday,” a source told Reuters. Following the announcement, Clinton will reportedly travel to the key primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Clinton lost her previous bid for President in 2008 to Barack Obama, but was appointed Secretary of State in 2009 and served until 2013. She recently became a grandmother, and released an update to her memoir on Friday that detailed her final days in the State Department as well as her feelings on her grandchild.

The update came just slightly ahead of Clinton’s future campaign announcement, as she is expected to gear her campaign towards being relatable to ordinary American citizens.

“Becoming a grandmother has made me think deeply about the responsibility we all share as stewards of the world we inherit and will one day pass on,” she wrote in the updated book. “Rather than make me want to slow down, it has spurred me to speed up.”

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