High School Pro-Life Club Fights For Right To Display Life-Size Fetuses At Lunch (Video)


The student leader of a pro-life club is fighting her Connecticut high school for the right to display life-size fetus models in the public school’s cafeteria.

Branford High School senior Samantha Bailey-Loomis, 17, says it’s unfair – other clubs are able to promote their views at lunchtime.

Bailey-Loomis founded the Students for Life club, which wants to display a model fetus for each month of pregnancy, but her principal says the display goes too far.

“When we asked our principal at our school if we can have this set up during lunch and have an opportunity for kids to come over and take a look at our display, he said no,” Bailey-Loomis told WWLP.

“He tells us that this topic in particular is too controversial to be talked about in public school,” she added.

She says other school clubs display information at lunch.

“They had information about what their club does and what they have done in the past and they have pictures and they have poster boards just like ours, except for with different content on it,” she said.

One Branford parent, Melissa Walkley, said she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with the fetus display.

“There is nothing wrong with it,” said Walkley. “I mean, I would let my kids see it. This is what a baby looks like as it’s growing in a mommy’s belly.”

She allowed her elementary-age children see the display.

“Just the life cycle of a baby, like you learn in school,” she said.

Both the principal and the superintendent of the school district declined to comment when contaced by WWLP.

Sources: WWLP, Fox News


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