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I was happy to hear that Joe Stack is now being considered a hero by the more astute and alert among us. He flew a plane into government offices and killed a government worker. What an honorable act!

Maybe his actions will put a new light on the actions of poor Timothy McVeigh and his cohorts who blew up that government building in Oklahoma City and killed many government workers and agents and maybe a few others. I'm sure that most of the children in the daycare center were those of government workers.

And then there are those brave muslims who hijacked those passenger planes and flew them into the twin towers and the Pentagon. We must understand that they were only defending their religion and the Middle East against the tyranny of the United States and our insatiable appetite for oil. If some of those killed were innocent, we should be understanding enough to realize that there's always collateral damage in war. It's consoling to realize that we still have heroes in this world of ours.

Yours truly, Don99


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