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Herman Cain: I Don't Even Know Who Sharon Bialek is

Republican presidential frontrunner Herman Cain held an extraordinary news conference on Tuesday to refute the sexual harassment accusations against him, saying he doesn't even know who his latest accuser is.

Speaking to the media in Scottsdale, Arizona, Cain said he watched Sharon Bialek's news conference like everybody else, and just like everybody else, he had no idea who she was.

"As they got to the microphone, my first response in my mind and reaction was 'I don't even know who this woman is,'" Cain said.

He denied her story that he groped her and said he has never acted inappropriately with anyone.

Cain also said the accusations will not force him out of the presidential race.

“Ain’t gonna happen,” Cain said. “Because I’m doing this for the American people, and for their children and grandchildren.”

Also on Tuesday, the identity of one of Cain's other accusers was revealed. Karen Kraushaar, who is a spokeswoman with the Treasury Department, confirmed she was one of two women who received a settlement from the National Restaurant Association after claiming Cain harassed her.

"When you are being sexually harassed in the workplace, you are extremely vulnerable," she told The New York Times. "You do whatever you can to quickly get yourself into a job some place safe and that is what I thought I had achieved when I left."

Kraushaar also said she would be willing to appear in public with Cain's other accusers.

"Though reliving it is extremely painful, it is now no longer a private matter but a matter of public interest," Kraushaar said in an e-mail to USA Today, saying they could "present together what happened and the court of public opinion can consider the allegations as a body of evidence."


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