Herman Cain Claims The Devil Derailed His 2012 Presidential Bid


Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain has a, lets say, interesting opinion on why he isn’t in the White House today.

As you may remember, Cain was polling relatively well early on during the 2011 Republican presidential primaries. He was the Republican front runner in the fall of 2011, and briefly led President Obama in campaign polls during that time.

But a slew of sexual allegations against him proved to damaging to overcome. Two women claim Cain sexually harassed them, and a third came forward and said Cain had an affair with her. Cain’s support quickly waned and he dropped out of the race on December 3, 2011.

Cain, now an associate pastor at an Atlanta-area church, spoke with Real Clear Religion recently about his failed campaign.

He said running a presidential campaign is like “drinking from a fire hydrant” and that responding to each allegation “would have been a huge distraction.”

He didn’t stop there. Cain then speculated as to who could have orchestrated the allegations brought against him. His answer?

The devil.

"It made me realize that there was a force bigger than right," Cain said.

Cain also blamed the media for not “doing their due diligence” in investigating the allegations. He said all three of the women are “liars.” 

Apparently Cain's infamous 9-9-9 plan was so flawed that not even the devil himself could let it fly. 

Source: Real Clear Religion, Raw Story


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