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Heckler Calls Donald Trump 'Boring,' Gets Thrown Out Of Rally (Video)

An unidentified heckler shouted: "This is boring, boring! Tell some jokes!" during a Donald Trump rally in Windham, New Hampshire, on Jan. 11 (video below).

"Get him out of here.," Trump responded. "Get out of here, go ahead. Nothing funny about this. Here, he wants jokes. There's nothing funny about this. This is so serious. Out, out, out, out, get out. Get out of here. He says, he loves me. Out!"

As the heckler, who wore a "Make America Great Again" hat, was escorted out of the event by a cop, he said: “I love Donald, but it gets a little boring. It’s getting a little old. I want, like, new jokes."

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Sources: CNN, The Hill / Photo Credit: Sharman Sacchetti via Twitter Screenshot

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