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Heather Heyer's Mom Receives Death Threats For 'Not Forgiving' Trump (Photos)

Heather Heyer's Mom Receives Death Threats For 'Not Forgiving' Trump (Photos) Promo Image

The mother of Heather Heyer, the anti-racist protester who was killed when a white supremacist drove into a crowd in Charlottesville, Virginia, has spoken out about both her daughter's death and the president's response.

Susan Bro's daughter died on Aug. 12 after violence erupted in Virginia during a rally attended by white supremacists and neo-Nazis, the New York Daily News reports. James Fields Jr., a  20-year-old man who had shared Nazi content on his Facebook page, allegedly drove into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing Heyer and injuring multiple others.

Bro said in an interview that she will not speak to President Donald Trump after she saw his remarks blaming "both sides" for the violence at Charlottesville. Bro said that she missed three calls from the White House, and she refused to speak with the president after she said he defended white supremacists, NBC News reports.

"I'm not talking to the president now, I'm sorry," said the mother. "It's not that I saw somebody else's tweet about him, I saw an actual clip of him at a press conference equating the protesters, like Ms. Heyer, with the KKK and the white supremacists."

"You can't wash this one away by shaking my hand and saying I'm sorry," Bro added. "I'm not forgiving for that."

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Bro said arguments that the protesters and counter protesters had both been violent were not relevant to Heyer's death, because her daughter had been peacefully demonstrating before she was killed.

"Whether there was violence on 'both sides' or not is irrelevant," she said. "The guy mowed my daughter down and, sorry, that's not excusable."

Bro added that her daughter wouldn't be intimidated by white supremacists who were encouraged by Trump's comments. "She would have laughed them to scorn," said the mom.

"I think the president has found a niche in voters of the people who feel marginalized and I think he has continued to nurture those marginalized voters," said Bro.

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The mother added that she has received hate in several ways after her daughter was killed.

"I've had death threats already ... because of what I'm doing right this second," said Bro.

She added that people had said her daughter was a part of a number of terrorist groups, and wanted to set the record straight.

She said that Heyer was just a part of "a group of human beings who cared to protest."

Bro had previously said she wanted to tell Trump to help stop bigotry, if she were to talk with him.

"My daughter had a mission to make things fair and equitable for everyone, and I am going to continue that mission," she said. "And anything he can do to further that mission, I'm going to be behind him."

"I want people to start talking to one another," said Bro, who wants to continue her daughter's legacy of fighting for social justice. "Equality is ... when you see a person, not a label."

"You tried to kill my child to shut her up," Bro said while speaking to a crowd at Heyer's memorial service, The Independent reports. "Well, guess what? You just magnified her."

Sources: New York Daily News, NBC News, The Independent / Featured Image: Graeme Paterson/Flickr / Embedded Images: Andrew Shurtleff/Daily Progress via New York Daily News, James Keivom/New York Daily News

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