Healthcare.gov Was Never Tested For Complete User Experience


Healthcare.gov, the website set up under provisions mandated by The Affordable Care Act, has received immense criticism in the weeks following its launch. Potential purchasers of health insurance are upset that they have to share so much information with the government before they can view pricing options, and other issues have led to significant traffic delays for users attempting to access the site.

According to Business Week and Reason, the government may have never fully tested the site for potential user complications. Business Week claims that the system “went live wihtout attempts to replicate a customer’s complete experience.” 

Government officials blame the significant undertaking of creating a site that caters to all of the American public as the essential source of the problem. If they were given more time, they could have created a better user experience, they claim. 

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said the following: “The online insurance marketplace needed five years of construction and a year of testing. We had two years and almost no testing.”

In line with the assumption that taking more time to build and test the site would have improved the user experience, the government has announced that the proposed plan to include Medicaid options on Healthcare.gov is to be delayed indefinitely. The launch of that feature was initially delayed until Nov. 1, but the date has been pushed back, and has yet to be officially announced. 

In order to make the customer experience more fluid, government officials have been encouraging people to call or visit locations in person. Still, it appears as if things wont work until they figure out a way to remedy the online situation. 


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