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Lawrence Summers to Leave Obama Administration

By Tim Cavanaugh

As predicted here 11 months ago, the genius of Lawrence Summers has finally proved too lethal for America. With a recession-fueled election meltdown brewing, President Obama is bidding goodbye to the director of the National Economic Council. Summers will be sent down to a teaching position at Harvard (the McGill University of the south), after a November election that is widely anticipated to become a recession-and-debt-fueled meltdown for both parties.

Keep track of the deaths of Obama economic team careers with this illustration from Ryan Lizza's unintentionally hilarious puff piece on the brain trust from the distant year 2009:

Image placeholder title

Summers, an arrogant fool, a baldfaced believer in too-big-to-fail banks, a vain and petty palace plotter, deserves much worse. He should not be given the dignity of remaining in office until after the election. Nevertheless, this is an occasion for joy.


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