Harry Reid On Iran Deal: 'Republicans Are Prioritizing Presidential Politics Over National Security'


On Monday, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid accused the GOP of opposing the nuclear deal with Iran for no reason other than to hurt Democrats and undermine President Obama.

“Before this compromise even came to the floor, certain Senate Republicans were determined to destroy it,” Reid said. “A number of Senate Republicans are prioritizing presidential politics over national security. Others are simply trying to undermine President Obama.”

Reid called for Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to file a cloture on the bill.

“The majority leader should file cloture now to preserve this legislation. Destructive members within his own party have forced his hand," he said. "I support the majority leader in taking this step because it's the only path forward." A cloture is a procedure end a legislative debate and take a vote. It would reportedly require 60 votes.

Reid’s remarks came after Sens. Marco Rubio and Tom Cotton introduced an amendment to the deal that would force a vote to require Iran to voice its support for Israel’s right to exist. Cotton, a vocal opponent to the negotiations who made headlines for authoring a letter to Iranian leaders that was signed by 46 other Republican senators, also said he wants to require Iran to close down all of its nuclear facilities, which isn’t a requirement in the deal as it currently stands.

“The junior senator from Arkansas and other Republicans want to see any potential agreement with Iran crash and burn, even before we know what’s in the final agreement,” Reid said of Cotton’s attempts to amend the agreement.

“The difference, as usual, is that Democrats want to be constructive, and Republicans continue to want to be destructive," he added. "Democrats want to pass this bipartisan bill right now, even as the junior senators from Arkansas, Florida and Texas and others work to ruin it.”

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Sources: The Hill, The Blaze

Photo Credit: thehill.com, The Blaze


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