Harry Reid: GOP Showed 'Disrespect' For Obama


Senate Minority Leader Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada said Republicans have treated President Barack Obama "with unprecedented disrespect."

"President Obama is the first president to be denied a hearing on his budget,” Reid said on the Senator floor on Sept. 29, according to Talking Points Memo. “He's the first president to be denied a hearing on a Supreme Court nominee. President Obama is the first president asked to show his birth certificate. President Obama is the first president to face over 500 filibusters here in the Senate. In this Republican Senate, President Obama will receive fewer nominees confirmed than any president in many many decades. Republicans have not done their basic work of government."

Reid also blamed Republicans for obstructing productivity in Congress and for the rise of its party's nominee, Donald Trump, who remains controversial even within the GOP.

"They would have us believe that Trump just fell out of the sky and somehow mysteriously became the nominee of the party, but that's not the way it is," Reid said. "Everything that he's said, stood for, done in this bizarre campaign that he's run has come, filtered up, from what's going on in the Republican Senate."

Trump "is the monster Republicans built," Reid added. "He is their Frankenstein monster. They own him.”

Reid demonstrated his loyalty to Obama by being the lone Senator who voted against an override of Obama's veto of a bill that allows 9/11 victims' families to sue Saudi Arabia for its alleged involvement in the largest attack on American soil, according to PJ Media.

The veto override passed the Senate 97 to 1.

Obama said he was disappointed that the Senate overrode his veto because it could allow the U.S. to be sued by foreign people and countries for its actions abroad.

“It’s a dangerous precedent,” Obama said, according to Bloomberg. “It’s an example of why sometimes you have to do what’s hard. I wish Congress here had done what’s hard.”

Sources: Talking Points Memo, PJ Media, Bloomberg / Photo credit: Center for American Progress/Flickr

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