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Hannity Slams Evan McMullin For Leading Trump In Utah (Video)

During his Oct. 26 radio show, Fox News host Sean Hannity ranted about Republicans who are refusing to support GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, and called third-party independent candidate Evan McMullin an "idiot" for "killing" Trump in Utah (video below).

According to Real Clear Politics, Trump is ahead in Utah in four polls, but McMullin is leading in the Emerson College Poll by 4 points. Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton are tied in the Y2 Analytics poll. Utah has not gone to a Democrat since President Lyndon Johnson won the state in 1964.

Hannity first went off on #NeverTrump Republicans, notes Media Matters:

All this garbage from you never-Trump jerks out there. I've had it. By the way, that's more unfinished business. November 9th, I have a lot to say about all of you. The CNN poll showed, what? If Trump got all these idiots, the ones that think they're freaking geniuses, or the most principled people on the face of the earth, you know, the purists, that if they would be voting for Trump, granted I'll admit he's not freaking perfect!

Hannity said he had to "dump" (edit) his own words out of the broadcast for apparently cursing, told his audience that he was "pissed" and went on to bash McMullin:

Who's this idiot that's running third party that's killing Trump out in Utah? Who put him up? What was it? The Bush people? The Romney people? Seriously? Really? You're going to elect Hillary because we lose Utah? What a disaster that would be for the country.

According to NPR, there are several factors helping McMullin in Utah: Mormons have been persecuted and don't like Trump's talk about Muslims; Mormons are moderates on immigration, an issue that Trump has pounded on for over a year; Mormons are strict when it comes to personal morals, which have dogged Trump; McMullin is a Mormon, as is 2012 GOP candidate Mitt Romney, who has come out against Trump.

Sources: Media Matters, NPR, Real Clear Politics / Photo credit: Sean Hannity/Twitter

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