Hannity Lectures Black People At Trump Town Hall (Video)

Fox News host Sean Hannity was interviewing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at a town hall in Austin, Texas, on Aug. 23 when they were interrupted by some Black Lives Matter protesters (video below).

Hannity was going over statistics about federal convictions of undocumented immigrants when the demonstrators started shouting, "Black lives matter!" notes The Hill.

Hannity responded, "I have a message for those guys, all lives matter," and the crowd gave him a standing ovation.

Meanwhile, on the same day, Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson was being interviewed by Fox News host Eric Bolling. Bolling wanted to know why Johnson supported Black Lives Matter and pushed back against All Lives Matter, notes Mediaite (video below).

Johnson responded that all lives do matter, but mentioned that African-Americans are dealing with specific issues:

Not a pushback, but all lives do matter, but when it comes to whites, guess what? We’re not being shot at the rate of six times blacks are being shot at. When it comes to the war on drugs, if you are of color, there is a four times more likelihood that you will end up behind bars as opposed to being of color.

So it's real. Eric, what I hope I said was is look I’ve had my head in the sand over this. I’d like everybody out there to watch that documentary on O.J. Simpson and take a look at what transpired before the O.J. Simpson trial.

"Can I just clarify though?" Bolling added. "Blacks are being shot six times more often than whites, but they’re committing eight times the amount of crimes than whites. ... Under those numbers, blacks are being treated more fairly than whites under those numbers."

PolitiFact noted in February that studies have shown that blacks are more likely than whites to be arrested, searched (and arrested) during traffic stops, charged with more severe crimes by prosecutors and get tougher sentences (than whites convicted of the same crimes with the same criminal histories).

As far as police violence in general, U.S. cops are reportedly killing about three Americans per day in 2016, killed one American every eight hours in 2015 and killed more Americans between Christmas 2015 and Jan. 1, 2016, than UK police have killed since 2011.

Sources: The HillMediaitePolitiFact / Photo Credit: Fox News via YouTube

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