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Hacker Releases Bill Clinton's White House Doodles (Photos)

Politically minded hacker Guccifer broke into the Clinton Library’s files and released former President Bill Clinton’s doodles Thursday.

The images were first released on Gawker.

For years, the Clinton Foundation refused requests for the images, despite the tradition of releasing presidential doodles. The sketches even inspired a book called “Presidential Doodlings”.

However, it appears Guccifer was tired of waiting. According to the hacker, he retrieved the files from the Clinton Library in a folder called “wjcdrawings”.

Some of Clinton’s drawings include a stretch limousine, a brick wall and half motorcycle, and a number of American flags. There is also evidence of a self-portrait, though some suggest it is a caricature of George W. Bush.

Some drawings were even found on briefing notes about Slobodan Milosevic or possible UN sanctions against the FR Yugoslavia. A fry cook with “UN” written on his uniform is drawn next to the question: “When will UN sanctions against the FRY be lifted?”

Earlier this year, Guccifer also revealed previously unpublished doodles drawn by Bush.

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Sources: TPM, Gawker


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