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Gun Owners of America: 'Angry Liberals Should Not Have Guns' (Video)

Larry Pratt, the leader of Gun Owners of America, has often demanded that all Americans have unfettered access to buying guns -- including assault weapons -- based on the rights afforded to them by the Second Amendment.

However, while appearing at a 'We the People Tea Party of Northwest Louisiana' meeting last week, Pratt said, "Angry liberals should not have guns,” reports

Pratt also threw in a homophobic slur for good measure, claiming President Obama was "girly like" while skeet shooting. In the past, Pratt has targeted Obama before, once claiming that Obamacare will "take away your guns."

According to the Shreveport Times, Pratt told the group that Democrats like Obama “almost got me convinced to modify my purist Second Amendment position: there are people that shouldn’t have guns, angry liberals should not have guns.”

Sources:, Shreveport Times


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