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Gulf Coast Tragedy Blame

In regards to the Gulf Coast tragedy I feel there are three entities to blame.  First and foremost, we have BP.  It is their oil rig, and thus they should claim responsibility.  Under normal conditions, they profit from the drilling, so when something happens it stands to reason that they should suffer the loses.  Any business is a gamble, and I don't feel that when the gamble goes bad the company should be let off the hook.  If I go to Vegas and bet on the Phillies, and they lose, no one is going to step in and subsidize my loses. Why should a large company be treated any different. Second we have Halliburton.  If they were employed to fix the pipes, and failed to do so, that is a form of negligence.  If I hire a plumber to come to my house and fix my leaking sink, when he leaves I expect it to be fixed.  Should the pipe start leaking after the visit, and my kitchen floods, I'm going to expect the plumber to take some responsibility.  Thirdly, the American government has some blame in this.  I don't feel as though they are as responsible as Halliburton, and not nearly as responsible as BP, yet they are not without blame.  Rather it was due to incompetence in lower levels or large payoffs in higher levels, the government issued BP the required permits to drill.  I believe that had the application been looked into, perhaps BP wouldn't have been issued these permits without a better/more specific clean up plan.  Regardless of any cut/paste theories, BP clearly didn't have a plan for the worst possible scenario.


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