Islam in Public Schools: Guess You Don't Know


Some of you say that Christians would raise the roof if other religions were being taught in public schools. I guess you don't know that under the guise of "cultural studies" the Quran is being taught in some public schools, and that students are encouraged to fast during Ramadan, sit on prayer rugs, simulate prayers to Allah, and emulate other Islamic practices.

In some cases far eastern religious practices are encouraged so that students can learn to "relate" to those cultures.

Don't believe it?

Here are some of the curricula on Islam: "Islam 610-1100"; "Across the Centuries";

Some on eastern religions from Washington State Superintedent of Public Instruction: "China"; "Modern Japan: An Idea Book for K-12 Teachers"; "Letters from Chengdu".

These have been in use since the 1980s, and are merely a sampling. Some may no longer be used or have been supplemented by later works. There are others from various states' departments of education. These do not merely focus on culture, but engage the students in religious practices.

I agree that it is not the place of the public school system to teach the Bible, particularly since most teachers don't really know the Bible and are spiritually unqualified to teach it. But those who abhor the idea of the Bible being used as a historical and/or educational book are either ignorant of the other religions being taught and practiced in the public schools, or they're just blowing smoke.

You can get documented proof from Media Spotlight, PO Box 290, Redmond, WA 98073-0290.

They don't charge for their publications.


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