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Guantanamo Bay Detainees Use "Improvised Weapons" In Clash With Guards

Early Saturday morning, inmates at Guantanamo Bay’s Camp VI were ordered to be moved into individual maximum security cells from communal living. Communal living is seen as a privilege and according to Capt. Robert Durand a Guantanamo spokesman, detainees had acted in a “non-compliant” manner that was “unacceptable.”

"Suspending the detainees' communal living privileges was in response to a coordinated effort by detainees to create an unsafe situation and limit the guard force's observation," said Durand. What classified the detainee’s behavior as “non-compliant” were things such as obstructing surveillance cameras, windows and glass partitions.

With several inmates engaged in a week’s long hunger strike in protest of their treatment, tensions were already high at Guantanamo. The order to move inmates into segregated, individual cells was the last straw for some inmates, as they clashed with guards using “improvised weapons.” The guards responded by firing “four less than lethal rounds.” No guards or detainees suffered serious injuries.

While the clash is serious, the bigger issue is the fact that detainee’s feel the current legal process leaves them in limbo indefinitely, says Carlos Warner, a lawyer representing some of the detainees.

"It leaves them with the prospect of the only way we leave Guantanamo is death," Warner said. "Unfortunately, I think the men are ready to embrace this."

Sources: CNN, Washington Post


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