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Great-Grandmother Accuses Mayor Bob Filner of Sexual Harassment

San Diego woman Peggy Shannon held a news conference Thursday to discuss the harassment she faced from Mayor Bob Filner, making her the fifteenth woman to do so.

The 67-year-old great-grandmother worked part-time at the San Diego City Hall to supplement her Social Security.

Shannon reported that Filner had kissed her one day, which made her so upset that she went home and cried. Filner also asked her if she thought he could “go eight hours, straight”.

"I was working and had to get myself together to continue my job," Shannon said. "I went home and cried again."

Shannon reported the harassment to her supervisor and was told that there was an open investigation into the city’s Equal Employment Investigations Office.

"Mayor Filner should resign immediately," Shannon said. "I want to protect working women."

Shannon said she is afraid to return to work, though she will resume her post on Friday. She cried through much of her report to the media.

Filner was also accused of harassing victims of military sexual assault, though he has been an advocate for victims for the past 20 years.

Filner has refused to step down despite a campaign being run against him, the wishes of Sen. Barbara Boxer and the local Democratic Party. He has taken a leave of absence instead and has allegedly entered therapy, though there have been inconsistent reports of his progress from his staff and attorneys.

Sources: ThinkProgress, 10 News


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