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Graphic Picture and Video: Iranian Terrorist Blows Off Own Legs

This morning in Bangkok, Thailand, there was an explosion that blew off the roof of a house where three Iranians lived.

Two of the men escaped the blast, while a third man, Saeid Moradi, was wounded. He walked out of the house and tried to flag down a taxi.

A taxi driver refused to give him a ride, so Moradi hurled a grenade at the taxi.

Police came and Moradi tried to throw a grenade at officers, but the explosive bounced off a tree and back at him, blowing off his legs (graphic picture below).

Police found more explosives in the Moradi's rented house in Bangkok, but it was not known what the explosives were meant for.

A day earlier, an Israeli diplomatic car was bombed in New Delhi, and Israel blamed Iran for that attack. Authorities did not immediately say if a link was suspected, but Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said in Jerusalem, "we can't rule out any possibility."


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