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Graphic Anti-Abortion Ads to Air During Super Bowl

Graphic anti-abortion ads could air in (up to) 40 cities during the Super Bowl in February. The ads are from anti-abortion crusader Randall Terry, who founded Operation Rescue. The ads claim abortion is mass murder and show what is claimed to be images of aborted fetuses.

Terry mounted a Democratic primary challenge against President Barack Obama to take advantage of a Federal Communication Commission (FCC) loophole that prevents campaign ads from being censored.

TV stations can reject ads based on graphic content, but are required by law to run the ads of federal candidates within the 45-day window of any primary election or caucus in a given state.

Terry plans to air the ads in the 40 cities where he will be on the ballot against Obama in Democratic primaries or caucuses.

"There has NEVER been an opportunity like this since Roe vs. Wade brought us child killing on demand,” he said in a fundraising email. “Because I am running for President, the law to run the political ads I see fit, protects me.”

“We will reach TENS OF MILLIONS OF AMERICANS, and get enormous media coverage as well. And THAT, my friend, is what the babies deserve.”


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