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Govs Perry & Pawlenty Declare April Abortion Recovery/Awareness Month

SAN ANTONIO -- Governor Rick Perry of Texas and Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota have declared April as Abortion Recovery/Awareness Month. 

"Ending a pregnancy through abortion interrupts the natural birth process and creates significant trauma and stress for those involved in the pregnancy. An abortion is a tragic ending, not only because of the loss of a life, but also because of the physical and psychological trauma caused by the procedure itself." said Governor Rick Perry of Texas.

"Abortion Recovery Month encourages and promotes healing opportunities and raises awareness of the aftermath of abortion experienced by individuals and families." said Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota. "Abortion recovery programs help individuals heal by providing counseling, support groups, encouragement, and education."

"We thank Governor Perry and Governor Pawlenty for their understanding of the consequences of abortion, and their willingness to protect women and the unborn." said Lisa Dudley, Director of Operation Outcry.

"I would like to encourage anyone hurt by abortion either directly or indirectly to seek healing. Many women and men hurt by abortion, as I was, suffer from guilt, shame, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and suicidal thoughts, to name a few symptoms." said Molly White, Operation Outcry leader in Texas.

There are several resources available including A.R.I.N. and The National Help Line for Abortion Recovery 1-866-482-LIFE where caring people who have experienced abortion are there to help. ARIN Abortion Recovery InterNational introduced the concept of and designated April as Abortion Recovery Month a few years ago. This year other governors are considering similar proclamations in their states.

"As abortion recovery leaders we are so pleased that Governor Pawlenty recognizes the need for understanding and healing for those hurt by abortion." said Julie Webber, Operation Outcry Minnesota leader.


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